Managing user feedback is [@?#!#&%] hard

That’s why 20,000+ software teams choose Userback to untangle and streamline their user feedback loops, from collection to closure.


  • Enrich feedback with contextual in-app video and screen capture
  • Prioritize the features and fixes that your users really need
  • Integrate into existing workflows and project platforms

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Automate feedback throughout the development lifecycle to create products that users love.


Set up and integrate your automated user feedback loop in minutes.


  • Getting started couldn’t be easier — simply drop the widget into your site or app.
  • Click & connect to integrate with your existing tools and workflows.
  • Customize branding, placement, and choose advanced targeting and tracking options.


Manage feedback without tying yourself in knots.


  • Let your users provide standardized bug reports, feature requests and general feedback ‘on the fly’ without leaving your app.
  • Start ‘pulling in’ feedback rather than ‘pushing out’ or chasing surveys to collect it.
  • Get a more accurate representation of what your actual user base needs.


Know what’s what.


  • Get real time contextual and visual clarity with annotated screenshots, video capture and session replays.
  • Users can scribble on the screen and even record audio.
  • Say farewell to all that ambiguous, subjective and incomplete feedback.


Don’t waste precious time trying to fix stuff people don’t need.


  • Take the guesswork out of scheduling features and fixes.
  • Let users vote on their most pressing issues and needs.
  • Keep software teams working on the all the good stuff that adds value.


Do it right first time, every time.


  • Remove the frustration and confusion of using disconnected platforms.
  • Integrate the feedback loop into existing workflows to shorten developer cycles.
  • Make better, insight-driven decisions.


Don’t just close the loop, slam it shut.


  • Don’t leave users in the dark, engage them in the process.
  • Use the Feedback Portal to share updates and status changes with your community with zero effort and make sure their feedback has been addressed.
  • Build community and engagement around the future of your product.

Loved by software teams who put their users at the center of the product journey.

Delivering client web projects 5x faster with integrated feedback

“There was no easy solution to have our partners submit feedback and have it fully integrated with ClickUp. There was always some feature that we had to give up in order for another to work.”

Delivering client web projects 5x faster with integrated feedback

Product teams saving 95% of time with actionable user feedback

“We used to spend 2-3 hours every week reviewing customer feedback and trying to work out what to do with it. Now with Userback it takes less than 10 minutes. It fits perfectly into our workflow!”

Product teams saving 95% of time with actionable user feedback

Continuing to pioneer an industry using user feedback

“The Userback team has been responsive from the start, and adds features before I can even think to raise them. We know we’ve made the right investment in Userback to support our goals.”

Continuing to pioneer an industry using user feedback