Accelerate client feedback and approvals

Empower customers to show you exactly what they want with video and annotated screenshots

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Powerful website feedback tool for web agencies

Solve issues faster

Automatically collect key browser information along with video and annotated screenshots.

Centralize customer feedback

Manage all customer feedback in one place and integrate with tools you already use.

Increase satisfaction

Respond faster to customer feedback and easily let them know when issues are resolved.

Collect real-time customer feedback

Get highly contextual feedback with video and annotated screenshots. Stop relying on email and let customers tell you exactly what they want directly from your website.

Userback - Manage Feedback

Userback - Invite your Client

Invite clients to see their feedback

Give clients access to view and comment on the feedback from their web projects. No more chasing up clients for revisions and approval!

Allowing clients to click on the designs and show us exactly what they're referring to has completely changed the way we gather client feedback. We've been so impressed with Userback. I'm not joking when I say it's saved us hours of time!

Andy Pudmenzky, Director - Big Budda Boom

I love how Userback makes it easy to include our customers in their website and graphic design process. It's up and running fast, and from there you're collaborating in a brilliantly simple, effective way. Userback is our favorite collaboration tool for discussing visual media!

Andrea Hill, President & CEO - Werx Marketing

Userback saves hours on receiving accurate client feedback. It is easy to install on any website and is even easier for my clients to use. The ability for me to easily add new clients and assign access to specific projects is so awesome.

Peter Rondinelli, Marketing Strategist - Digi X Local

Features tailored to web agencies

Build trust with branded client feedback

Add your branding to Userback and invite your clients to see the feedback on their projects.

video feedback

Give customers a voice and let them easily provide video feedback directly from your website.

Finish projects faster with client feedback

Easily share design concepts with clients and get visual feedback with comments.

See exactly what your customer sees

Collect high quality screenshots from any website or design. Userback's annotation tool works perfectly on all browsers and devices!

Get notified of
new issues

Never miss critical issues again! Get immediately notified of new and updated feedback. Userback also integrates with popular tools like Slack and Jira.

Work within your existing workflows

Customize workflows and manage feedback in a way that suits you best. You can even invite your team and assign feedback.

Join thousands of web agencies from around the world who already love using Userback to accelerate feedback and approvals.

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What our clients say

When working with clients it's vital to have a clean UX and simple interaction. With Userback every new project evolves quickly and in a timely manner and it's really easy to use with Wordpress sites.

Felipe Muñoz
Felipe Muñoz
CEO at Growing Pains Guru

The perfect app for client feedback with video and pictures! Userback is a huge time-saver when it comes to getting feedback from your clients. Not only can the client give notes and remarks using text but also recording a short video without installing any special add-on in their browser.

Kevin Bartok
Kevin Bartok
Manager at Duckly Marketing Agency

Userback is a must have for any web application designer or developer. It's a unique tool that is an elegant answer for many client headaches

Stephen Moss
Stephen Moss
Web App Engineer at Revolution Technologies

Userback is one of the services I love the most. Receiving feedback used to mean long emails, tons of print screens, and misunderstandings that lead to wasted work hours. With Userback we can provide a smoother experience to everyone involved.

Paulo Faustino
Paulo Faustino
Project Manager at Modulus Web Design

With Userback I have more control over projects. It allows me to add multiple projects and users and control them with project-based limitations

Erinn Corbitt
Erinn Corbitt
System Integration Manager at Orbitz Worldwide

I really like Userback. More importantly, my clients LOVE Userback. When I complete a website and send over a prototype, my clients can easily add feedback quickly with notes and annotations. It takes the guess work out for deciphering client feedback.

Paul Impellizeri
Paul Impellizeri
VP at Great Big Digital Agency

Userback is the perfect solution for capturing feedback about how our web pages are working. We recently used it during UAT to track bugs and capture suggestions from stakeholders

David Hutson
David Hutson
Web Developer at Apphut

Userback makes the hardest part of a web development project easy. Our clients love the way they can practically draw on the screen, highlighting whatever they're not comfortable with. All in all, Userback is a rock solid tool in our arsenal.

Peter Kadas
Peter Kadas
CEO at Traction Tribe

With Userback it is very easy to integrate feedback with our customers. The service allows us to provide customer support at the highest level

Annmarie Woodworth
Annmarie Woodworth
Special Event Coordinator at Coloredge

What I like best about Userback is its user friendliness and flexibility for users to provide feedback on anything that is viewable on their web browser

Mike Rosales
Mike Rosales
Head of Design at MRDZYN Studio
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