Choosing the perfect online feedback tool

Need an online feedback tool? You’re in the right place. We’ve experimented with just about everything available on the market in our quest to build the perfect online feedback tool, so we have a pretty good idea of what works, what barely works, and what should have never existed in the first place.

Why should you use an online feedback tool?

Attempting to refine a digital property, particularly a large one, is exceedingly difficult without genuine customer feedback. The most effective method of acquiring that feedback is via an online feedback tool. It puts a range of capabilities in your hands and comes with benefits that are difficult or impossible to achieve through other channels.

Give your customers a voice

Your customers want to be heard. Importantly, you should want to hear your customers. When your customers have a voice they can speak directly to you and help you improve your product. It’s a win-win situation.

Get the data you’ve been searching for

Sometimes, analytics tools just don’t cut it. Even with extensive automated split testing processes in place, you can’t beat direct customer feedback on a product or service. Rather than wasting money sending traffic to a landing page or acquiring enough users for a SaaS product to get a mass of actionable data, you can just ask a few customers.

Realtime feedback

If you choose the right online feedback tool, you’ll be able to view and act on customer feedback in real time. This adds a powerful benefit to your website. Not only can you identify bugs and anomalies quickly, but you can reach out to affected customers and let them know that their feedback is being taken seriously. This can quickly turn into a powerful tool for customer retention.

Simpler feedback management

Utilising a good online feedback tool can streamline your feedback management significantly. The best online feedback tools will automatically push your feedback into a project management system for immediate action.

Types of online feedback tools

There are dozens of ways that you can collect direct feedback from your customers. Generally, popular online feedback tools fall into a few broad categories:

  • Survey or Rating – This is a classic means of collecting online feedback. It’s simple, straightforward, but unfortunately exceedingly basic. The data collected can be overly simplistic and often open to interpretation. A user rates a page 2 out of 5 stars doesn’t tell you why, and that’s the user you need real feedback from.
  • Written Feedback – This takes things to the next level. Allowing a user to explain their recommendations or frustrations allows you to get a lot more valuable information out of them.
  • Visual Feedback – Visual feedback, such as using a screenshot tool, adds another layer of specificity to client recommendations. Particularly when combined with written information (such as the data that can be collected using Userback), this is a great way to really drill down on what customers are struggling with and act on it.

What should you look for in an online feedback tool?

So, you’ve accepted that you need an online feedback tool, and want to know what features you should be looking for. Here’s a quick list to help make your decision easier.

Ease of use

First and foremost, your clients need to be able to use your online feedback tool with ease. Too complicated and they won’t bother – make sure you choose a tool that is intuitive, explains itself well, is not time consuming, and encourages users to make genuine, valuable feedback.

Effective feedback management and bug tracking

A critical component of any good online feedback tool is ensuring that the feedback you acquire from customers is stored, tracked and used effectively. To this end, you need a system that allows for effective feedback management. If you can find a tool that integrates perfectly with your existing project management or bug tracking software, you’re off to an excellent start. Integration is always a better option than doubling up on software.

Broad suite of capabilities

If you’re investing in an online feedback tool and spending the time training staff to understand it, implementing it on your website or digital product and integrating it with other systems, you want to make sure that it’s robust. Choose a tool that will expand with your business and provide the kind of capabilities that you’ll need far into the future.

We built our own perfect solution

We faced all the above problems and questions in our own search for an online feedback tool that would do everything we needed it to do. In the end, we decided to build it ourselves. It solved so many of the problems we’d see in other tools.

Saving Time

Time isn’t free and once it’s gone you’re not getting it back. We recognise this, and we also recognise that your customers’ time is valuable. We built Userback to be as fast and efficient as possible. Users can quickly create feedback, and it is added to your project management software of choice instantly.

Eliminating Confusion

A simple, straightforward process at every stage of the journey. From the screenshot tool on site to a clear ticketing process on the backend, Userback gets you actionable feedback quickly and easily.

Just Being Better

We’re all about building better products by listening to customers. Userback solves the problem so many businesses have of not being able to get clear, accurate feedback from customers.

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