26 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Google’s Chrome is a truly impressive browser. It’s fast, easy-to-use, and stacked with essential features. But what truly sets Chrome apart is it’s massive library of extensions, giving it endless new functions and abilities.

With literally thousands of extensions to choose from though, it’s hard to know which will make you more productive, and which will slow you down.

That's why we've put together this list of the best Chrome extensions for web developers. Go ahead and give them a try - they just might supercharge your productivity!



Userback’s browser extension is a beautifully simple way to collect visual feedback and bug reports from websites and applications. Whether you’re designing a new website, reporting bugs, or testing with users, Userback has you covered. Purpose-built for web designers and developers, Userback will boost your productivity with features like lightning-fast screenshots, video screen recording, annotation tools, feedback management, console logs and more. Ditch time-consuming emails and efficiently manage all your website feedback in Userback. Try Userback free for 14 days.

Extensions Manager

If you plan to install many extensions, you’ll probably want to consider Extensions Manager as one of them. This is a light popup-style manager that lets you enable, disable, uninstall and group extensions quickly and easily. There’s also a dashboard with a bunch of different features like grouping of extensions by category, and creating rules to trigger extensions based on your website activity.

Web Developer

Web Developer helps streamline tasks for web developers by adding a toolbar button to Chrome. The toolbar includes various web developer tools like display link details, view javascript, meta tag information, and more.

Clear Cache

As its name suggests, Clear Cache clears your cache and browsing data with just a single click. It’s simple, easy, and fast with no popups or confirmation buttons. You can customize how much data you want to clear and whether cookies should be removed globally, only for certain domains, or for everything except for certain domains.


With over 2 million users, Ghostery is a very popular and powerful privacy extension. It is designed to block intrusive ads, stop tracking, prevent data collection and block all those page elements that slow you down. While Ghostery isn’t directly a tool for web development, it helps keep your browsing experience clean and faster, making it an ideal tool for web developers.

Web Developer Checklist

Checklists are such a powerful productivity tool. And so is Web Developer Checklist. This Chrome extension gives you a checklist of all the things that need to be completed before publishing a web page. It helps you discover problem areas connected to SEO, mobile, usability, accessibility, performance and other violations of best practices.


Whilst the ClickUp Chrome extension is not a dedicated tool for web developers, it is fast becoming a tool loved by web developers around the world. ClickUp is a productivity platform that saves you time by replacing five separate apps that you’re probably using on a daily basis. With ClickUp you can create and manage tasks, track your time, capture and markup screenshots, and much more.



ColorZilla is a user-friendly eyedropper, color picker, and gradient generator. Originally a Firefox extension, ColorZilla allows you to quickly get a color reading of any pixel on any website. What’s also cool about ColorZilla is that it keeps the color history of your recently picked colors and even lets you analyze the color palette of any site. It’s a super-useful tool for designers, developers, and marketing teams.

Site Palette

Site Palette is a particularly useful Chrome extension for frontend developers and web designers. It is a free browser extension that lets you easily extract colors from any website and quickly generate color pallets.


Dimensions is a simple and time-saving tool for designers to measure - you guessed it - screen dimensions. If you need to quickly measure spacing, dimensions, gaps between page elements and anything else that you see on the page, then this is the tool for you. With Dimensions, you simply use your mouse pointer, move it around the area that you want to measure and you’ll see the exact dimensions appear on the screen.


CSS Viewer

CSS Viewer is a particularly useful tool for web developers. As the name suggests, CSS Viewer shows you the CSS properties of a given page simply by hovering your mouse over the area you wish to inspect. Simple and yet very effective.


Animo is similar to CSS Viewer and actually goes one step further. As a live CSS editor, Animo lets you write custom CSS for any website and see your changes in real-time. Easily customize a page’s colors, fonts, and even the layout. You can sync your CSS to the cloud and see it on any desktop device where you’re signed into Chrome.


Wappalyzer is a much loved and highly rated Chrome extension amongst web developers. In a nutshell, Wappalyzer identifies the web technologies used on any website. It lets you find out what CMS a website is using, along with the framework, ecommerce platforms, Javascript libraries, server software, analytics tools and more.


Touted as Github on steroids, Octotree is a browser extension that makes code exploration and reviewing on GitHub much easier. It creates a fast IDE-like code tree on GitHub, quick file searches, multi-tab support, omni bookmarking, and works with repositories of any size.


JSONView is great for developers that work with REST APIs. Reading raw JSON data on a browser can be quite tricky and JSONView solves this by letting you validate and view JSON documents in tree-view within your browser.


Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator is an elegant and easy way to create default text and generate Lorem Ipsum directly into websites. It’s easy to customize and lets you add paragraphs of variable length, titles, dates, and more.

Fake Filler

If you’re a web developer who works with forms, you’re going to love Fake Filler. It’s a huge time-saver as it lets you quickly fill all inputs on a page with randomly generated names, emails, phone numbers, etc. What’s more is that Fake Filler ignores any captcha, hidden, disabled, or read-only fields.

Fonts Ninja

With possibly the coolest name in this list, Fonts Ninja speeds up your design workflow by helping you to identify fonts used on a website, bookmark, try and buy them. It will give you any font’s name, size, line spacing, letter spacing, and its color. A must-have tool for web developers.


Check My Links

Check My Links is a link checker that crawls through your website and looks for broken links. It’s a particularly useful and time-saving tool for testing websites with lots of links. The extension checks which links are valid and highlights the ones that are broken. You can even copy all the bad links to your clipboard with just one click.

Window Resizer

Window Resizer helps you easily test your design layout on different browser resolutions and screen sizes. It’s a really simple way to easily test your design layout on different browser resolutions. You can set the window's width and height, position, preset icon (phone, tablet, desktop), and more.


BrowserStack is an exceptionally useful Chrome extension for web developers as it allows you to efficiently test your work for responsiveness. It’s similar to Window Resizer, but rather than different screen sizes, BrowserStack lets you test with different browsers. You do need a BrowserStack account for it to work properly though.


Checkbot is a powerful website tester that tells you how to improve the SEO, page speed and security of your website. With Checkbot you can crawl 100s of pages in minutes, and test for over 50 common website problems based on best practices recommended by Google and Mozilla. For example, you can test for issues such as duplicate titles, broken links, invalid HTML, duplicate content, and much more.


If you need to design websites with pixel perfect accuracy, PerfectPixel is for you. This extension makes it easy for developers and markup designers to put a semi-transparent image overlay over the top of the developed HTML and perform a pixel perfect comparison between them. It’s even got a free version for non-commercial usage and individual developers.

UX Check

UX Check is a usability analyzer that assesses a page using Nielsen’s 10 heuristics. It can quickly highlight potential usability issues and enables you to add notes and export the findings ready to share within the team. UX Check is a great way to perform lightweight user testing without going into too much detail.

Developer News


daily.dev is an all-in-one news reader dedicated just to developers. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest programming news and it aggregates news from hundreds of sources. Best of all, daily.dev is free, doesn’t need a sign-up, and is 100% open source.


Devo is another useful extension for developers who are looking for a light and easy way to keep updated on relevant topics. Devo shows GitHub trending topics, Product Hunts, Hacker News, Designer News, and other top news pages with no-login required.


Well done! You made it to the end of the list. Hopefully you’ve found at least one new Chrome extension that can help you do your job a little better. Particularly if you’re already a Userback customer, I recommend starting by installing the Userback browser extension to immediately boost your productivity.

Even though this is an extensive list of Chrome extensions for web developers, there are definitely many more out there. If you have any other browser extensions to recommend, please feel free to get in touch

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