Collaborate on feedback with comments

Getting feedback with screenshots and annotations is a great way to improve the quality of feedback on your web projects.

But this is really just the first step to building better website with feedback.

Often you'll need to add your own notes to the feedback and maybe even ask for more information from the person who reported it.

This is where comments are extremely useful.

By adding comments to the customer feedback in Userback, you're able to collaborate with others in your team as well as the feedback reporter.

And with our latest feature improvements, using comments in Userback is now easier than ever!

Ok, so what's changed?

You've always been able to add comments with your feedback. But we've made a few small improvements to how it's done. Read on to learn more.

Easily choose who can see your comment

When adding comments in the Feedback Viewer, you can choose who is able to see it. This is really important as you wouldn't want the feedback reporter (who may be your client) to see an internal note you're making about their feedback.

So we updated the UI to make this setting more obvious.

Here's a quick explanation on the difference between the two options in this setting.

Everyone can see

This allows everyone with access to view the feedback to see your comment. Note that if you have chosen to allow public access to the feedback, you are effectively allowing everyone to also see your comment.

Team only

This means only the people who are logged into your account can see your comment. Although you can still use the "Email reporter" option to notify the reporter with your comment if you wish.

Email comments to the reporter

If you would like the person who reported the feedback to receive an email with your comment, simply tick the box to "Email reporter" before posting your comment.

Previously, there was no easy way to send comments to reporters and you had to rely on them selecting “Receive updates” when submitting their feedback.

We've now removed the “Receive updates” option and letting you control when reporters are notified with comments using the new “Email reporter” option.

If you don't see the "Email reporter" option, it's because the reporter did not provide an email address with their feedback.

If you always need the option to email reporters with your comments, you may wish to make the email field mandatory in your widget settings.

It's important to note that for anti-spam compliance and improved customer experience, reporters can opt out of receiving email notifications by clicking a link in their emails. In this case, the "Email reporter" option will be disabled when adding comments in the Feedback Viewer.

These new features are available right now in your account and we hope you find it easier to collaborate on feedback with comments.

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