New Features: Customize Your Branding and Colors

Today, we’re really excited to announce the release of our new Custom Branding feature.

It’s really cool because with custom branding, you can now make Userback even more... yours!

This feature is PERFECT for designers, agencies and product teams who need to provide a more branded experience with their visual customer feedback. It’s now really easy to add your logo, colors and company details to Userback’s feedback notification emails and feedback viewer.

Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

To add your custom branding, simply visit your Account Settings and select the new Branding page. From there, you can apply your branding to Userback.

Brand the feedback notification emails

By adding your company name and email to Userback’s feedback notification emails, you can build trust and familiarity with your customers.

You can even upload your logo to take the branding a step further. We’ll display your logo at the top of every feedback notification email sent from your account.

Brand the feedback viewer

By adding your logo to the feedback viewer, you can make Userback feel even more familiar to your customers. Continue to build trust by making your customer’s experience feel seamless at all stages of the feedback process.

For more details on how this feature works, check out our help doc.

We hope you love this new feature as much as we do. If you have any questions at all just let us know.

Not yet a Userback customer? No worries. Get started with a free account and start managing branded customer feedback today!

Try it!

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