How to Leverage Data into Customer Success

When your website is your key source of income, understanding how people experience it and gain value from it is the key to improving your bottom line. Gaining direct insight from customers into how your website functions and where it falls short of expectations is a critical aspect of this process.

Enter website feedback management. With the right tools in place to allow your customers to provide you with the feedback you need to make improvements, and good procedures to manage that feedback, you ensure that every piece of data that you collect directly from customers is leveraged into improvements to your website that provide direct and measurable returns. There are dozens of huge benefits to good website feedback management, but we’ve outlined just a couple that we’ve seen in our clients.

Build trust and customer loyalty

When customers know that their feedback is heard and acted upon, it sends a clear signal that you are genuine about meeting their needs and providing a product or experience that adds value to their life or business. By gathering website feedback and feeding it into a functional website feedback management system, and subsequently acting on it, you create a process whereby customers can trust you to serve their interests. In so doing, you are significantly more likely to see return customers.

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

Understanding exactly what the market needs and delivering on that is a daily challenge for all digital properties. Ongoing split testing, front-end tweaks and optimisations throughout the customer journey take great effort. It’s a never-ending process and making the wrong moves (based on poor data) can be a significant setback. By using optimal website feedback management systems you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers and subsequently serve their needs to an even greater extent.

Make better business decisions

More data isn’t necessarily the answer to every business decision. Choosing the right data to rely on for your decision-making can be a difficult process, but with adequate website feedback management you can ensure that you’re making the right choices when it comes to moving your business forward.

Feedback management plays a big role in business decision-making. Understanding how different feedback needs to be interpreted allows you to act on it in an efficient manner, rather than haphazardly adjusting your website, product or marketing process and potentially making the wrong moves.

Create an outstanding user experience

A comfortable, seamless and effective user experience can be the difference between a high-performing website and one that fails to convert customers. Leveraging customer data into improvements to your website’s user experience ensures that you are making the improvements that customers have communicated to you directly. In order to carry this out effectively, you need to ensure that your feedback management systems allow customers to provide clear feedback which is acted upon quickly and to the extent that the customer desires.

Boost your marketing ROI

The marketing journey from first touch to conversion can be long and take many side roads along the way. By collating customer input on your website, you can boost your understanding of how different customers, arriving via different channels and campaigns, view their experience on your website.

Good website feedback management can quickly illustrate that you’re investing in the wrong channels, or that your targeting or ad creatives are missing the mark. Customers arriving on your website and being faced with a different experience to that communicated by your advertising are less likely to convert, resulting in increased marketing expenditure and wasted traffic.

Improve retention and conversion rates

Listening to your customers and acting on their advice can greatly improve your retention and conversion rates. Simple changes to your digital product or ecommerce structure can greatly improve the chances of a customer converting once they hit your website. Further, if customers know that they’re being listened to, they are far more likely to provide you with further business. A retained customer is almost always cheaper to convert than a fresh customer, so increasing both your retention and initial conversion rates can have a snowball effect that greatly improves your bottom line.

Increase value of traffic on your website

Increasing the value of every customer that visits your website is the dream for many digital properties. If you can make marginal improvements to the total value of the average customer, this can greatly reduce your marketing expenses while simultaneously providing you with the increased income you need to acquire more customers.

Good website feedback management is the key to increasing the value of every session on your website. Understand what customers need and provide them with the opportunity to increase their purchase amount when using your website.

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