New Features: Get better screenshots on local sites

Did you know that Userback lets you collect feedback from any website? Even your local host and protected sites like staging hosts.

So it's perfect for web developers, product managers and testers who need to centralize feedback across development, staging and production environments.

This is just one of many reasons why our customers choose Userback over other feedback tools who rely solely on browser extensions to collect feedback in local sites.

Sure... browser extensions are fine. But the real magic happens when you add the feedback widget to your site.

It's the perfect way for your whole team to provide feedback on all your web projects at all stages in the development cycle.

And with our latest improvements, it's now easier than ever to collect feedback in your local sites!

Better screenshots on local sites

We won't bore you with the technical details, but we've updated our screenshot engine to take better screenshots on local sites.

No more missing elements… only high-quality screenshots.


Always get the best quality screenshot

You may not realize this, but Userback has two different screenshot engines. One that works best on local sites. And one that works best on live sites.

Previously, to collect feedback from local sites you first needed to set the Project Type to “Local”. This meant that the local screenshot engine would be used to generate your screenshots.

However, if you were also trying to collect feedback from live sites, this setting would lead to the local screenshot engine being used as well. Whilst it still worked, it would often result in low-quality screenshots with missing elements.

After discussing this with customers, we knew we could do better!

So we've now removed the Project Type setting and automatically choose the best screenshot engine for you in the background.

Which is great as you can simply relax knowing that screenshots will always be optimized regardless of the site you're collecting feedback from.

These changes are available right now in your account and you don't need to do anything to your existing project settings. Everything will continue to work as normal… only better!

If you have any questions about these latest changes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Try it!

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