How to get feedback when you work remotely

As businesses adapt to the challenges inflicted on them by COVID-19, many teams are forced to work remotely to help reduce the potential spread of infection in our communities.

While working remotely is easier than ever, it requires us to think differently about how we get feedback on our web projects and applications.

With tools like Userback, it’s always been easy to get feedback from customers on your web projects. All you need to do is add the feedback widget to your website and customers can start giving feedback with screenshots and annotations. Easy!

But what about when you need to get feedback from your team?

No longer can you just walk over to their desk and get feedback on your web project. Sure, you could send them a link to your project and ask for feedback over email (or worse - a spreadsheet - urgh!). But that’s so old-school and nobody has the time for that.

Fortunately, Userback works on any website (including local sites) and also contains a number of great features that help you collaborate on feedback remotely with your team.

Here’s how it’s done.

Invite your team to Userback

The best way to collaborate with your team is to invite them to Userback. This allows them to view the feedback that’s been collected to your account. More importantly though, it allows you to start assigning them feedback to review and action. And don’t worry… you can easily restrict each team member’s access to only see the projects relating to them.

Tip: You can even invite your clients to see the feedback relating to their web project. This is a great way to save time and collaborate with clients online.

Get feedback with screenshots

The easiest way to get feedback on your web projects is to add the Userback widget to your website. If this isn’t an option though, you can also ask your team members to use the Userback browser extension.

By adding the extension to their browser, your team can easily provide feedback on any webpage with screenshots and annotations.

Collaborate with comments

Once your team has contributed to your web project, you can collaborate on their feedback with comments. Comments are a great way to add your own notes and even ask your team for more information.

Share individual feedback

If you don’t want to give your team access to your Userback account, that’s ok. You can still have them contribute to your web project by sharing individual feedback with them.

When you share feedback, your team can see all the details for that feedback in their web browser. And if you turn on Public Commenting, your team can add their own comments without having to log into Userback.

So there you have it. With these collaboration features, you can continue getting feedback from team members, even though you’re working remotely.

And if you’re not already collecting feedback with Userback, don’t worry. It’s easy to get started. Simply sign up for a free trial account to get instant access to all the above features and more.

Try it!

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