How to improve bug tracking with visual feedback tools

Every website and application benefits from efficient bug tracking. After all, bugs are inevitable and are just part of the software development process. But if you can report bugs faster and then fix them quickly, you will save time and money whilst also helping to improve the overall user experience of your application.

So how exactly do you write bug reports faster and yet still provide everything that your developers need to fix bugs efficiently? With a visual feedback tool of course!

What are visual feedback tools?

Customer feedback is a fundamental component to building successful websites and applications. You might get feedback from your customers about how a product performs, and you can use this to make the product better. With software, feedback from users can also be useful, but it’s often a slow and iterative process. That’s where visual feedback tools come in.

Visual feedback tools allow you to make use of feedback as soon as it comes in, on things like forms, buttons, and other aspects of your application. These are super useful for new websites, as they allow you to quickly locate the elements that are causing issues.

They basically allow your users to take a screenshot of the issue and send it to your team with ease so you can actually see what the problem is. If a user knows what the issue is, but can’t put it into words easily, then that’s no use. Visual feedback tools allow you to see what the user is seeing, which makes things much easier. Knowing and understanding what the problem is that the user is facing is the first step towards fixing the issue.

The benefits of visual feedback tools for bug tracking

Users can use visual feedback tools to capture their screen, and then they can annotate the screenshot to point out where the bug is or what it’s causing. They can even use video recordings to show the bug’s problem in real time, and this makes the process of dealing with the bug much easier as you know what you’re looking for.

It also saves time, as the user doesn’t need to fill out an extensive form trying to tell you what the problem is. Instead, they can simply show you, speeding up the process.

Plus, most visual feedback tools integrate well with other tools that developers often use, and this streamlines the entire process. From finding the bug to solving the problem, visual feedback tools can speed up the entire bug tracking process.

Improve bug tracking with Userback

Userback is a visual feedback tool that is perfect for bug tracking as it allows you to report bugs with annotated screenshots and video recordings. It’s really easy to illustrate where bugs are within your application and Userback automatically captures the console logs and events leading up to a bug, giving your developers all the information they need to fix bugs faster.

Its simple interface makes it easy for your users to give you feedback, and it integrates with other applications like Jira and GitHub, making life easier for you and your development team as well. Sign up for a free trial and start reporting bugs faster today.

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