New Features: Collect Fast, Precise Feedback With Video Recordings

Wow - time flies! It’s almost been a year since we launched video feedback and made Userback the world’s first website feedback solution for collecting both video and annotated screenshots.

Since then we’ve been blown away by all the positive feedback that we’ve received. And it’s been really cool to hear all the different ways that Userback and video feedback is being used by our customers.

But in true Userback style - we wanted to do more!!

So today, we’re really excited to announce a number of new features that make it easier than ever for you to collect fast, precise feedback with a video recording.

Check it out 👀👇

New Features To Express Yourself Better

  • Draw on the screen as you record to add even more context to your video recording
  • Emphasize mouse clicks on the screen to help others see clearly where you clicked

A More Intuitive Video Recording Toolbar

  • New keyboard shortcuts that help you stay focused on your recording
  • Move the video toolbar anywhere on the screen so it never gets in the way

Save Time When Watching Videos

  • Easily jump to annotations by clicking on the timeline when watching videos
  • UI improvements to help you collaborate on video feedback and resolve issues faster

Why Use Video For Website Feedback?

Not sure how video feedback can help you build better products and improve the experience for your clients? Check out these popular video feedback use cases.

Simplify Bug Reporting

Stop wasting time trying to replicate bug reports that are vague and difficult to understand. By submitting bug reports with a video recording, you’re able to clearly explain the problem and submit bug reports that your developers will love.

Accelerate Design Reviews

Unless you’re a skilled designer, most people find it hard to give constructive feedback on creative projects and properly explain what they mean. It’s why designers are often faced with vague comments like “make it pop”. With video feedback though, it’s much easier for clients to tell you exactly what they mean by showing you on the screen. So you spend less time interpreting client feedback and more time acting on it!

Software Feature Requests

When software users care enough about your product to give you feedback - well that’s gold! So you should do everything you can to make giving feedback as painless as possible. That’s where video feedback comes in. Most people can talk up to 6 times faster than they type which makes video screen recordings the perfect way to collect feature requests from your users.

Streamline User Acceptance Testing

If you're not already familiar with user acceptance testing (UAT), it’s a way to verify that a solution works for your user by giving them tasks to complete. It's the secret weapon that product managers and UX designers use to test software with users and confirm it works properly before making it available to everyone. Video screen recording is a perfect fit for UAT as it records exactly what users do at each step in their UAT task without breaking their flow.

Try Video Feedback With Userback

We hope you love these latest new features as much as we do. To try them out, simply turn on video feedback in your Project’s widget settings.

If you’d like to learn more about collecting video feedback with Userback, check out this help article.

Not yet a Userback customer? No worries. Get started with a free account and start collecting fast and precise feedback with video recordings today!

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