Fix Bugs Faster With Console Logs and Event Tracking

We're really excited to announce that console logs and event tracking are now available with Userback. Trust us - your developers will love you for this!

You can finally say goodbye to bug reports with no context and give your developers all the info they need to replicate and resolve bugs faster.

No More Bug Reports With Missing Info

Did you know that when a bug occurs, it usually comes with an error in the JavaScript?

So one of the first things that developers do when replicating bugs is to open the script of the offending web page and view the console. It’s often the fastest way for them to replicate the issue and see what went wrong.

When bugs get reported without the console logs, it forces developers to go look for this information themselves. It’s like missing an important piece of the puzzle and it really slows down the whole bug reporting process.

But when you use Userback for bug reporting, that’s all about to change as you can now automatically capture the console logs with your feedback widget! 👊

Introducing Automatic Console Logs

Now with Userback, every time someone reports a bug using your feedback widget, the bug report will include detailed client-side JavaScript errors and other log info captured at the time.

Once enabled, the console logs are automatically captured and easily found in the Feedback Viewer by clicking the “Console” button.

And to help your developers replicate issues and resolve bugs as fast as possible, Userback captures a range of information in the logs including errors, warnings and debugging information.

We’ve also updated all of our integrations so that the console logs are included with the information sent through to your connected bug reporting tools like Jira and GitHub.

Replicate Bugs Even Faster With Event Tracking

When replicating bugs, it also helps to know the trail of events that led up to the error. Now with Userback, this is really easy to do as the event tracking is automatically captured alongside the console logs.

How To Get Started

To enable console logs and event tracking, simply turn them on in your Project’s widget settings in the new “Advanced Tracking” section.

Please note that console log and event tracking are available to customers on our Growth plan.

We hope you love these latest new bug reporting features as much as we do. If you’d like to learn more about console logs and event tracking, check out this help article.

Not yet a Userback customer? No worries. Get started with a free account and start resolving bugs faster with visual feedback today!

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