New features to help you collect more feedback

Hold onto your hats folks because we’ve just launched a range of new features to help you collect multiple types of feedback and to manage them faster than ever before.

10x faster in fact! (that’s right - we timed it 😉)

We’ve introduced a range of new widget settings that let you create highly-customized experiences for your users. So whether you’re collecting bugs, feature requests, or general feedback, you can now tailor the widget and create a seamless experience for everyone.

Watch the video to see what’s new. 👀👇

Please note that your existing widget configuration will remain unchanged and will continue to work exactly the same until you update your widget settings.

New Settings For Multi-Purpose Widgets

The most significant change that we’ve made is that you can now create a multi-purpose feedback widget.

So what does that mean?

Well, previously the widget was limited to the different methods of reporting feedback such as “Draw on the screen” and “Capture video”. Whilst that was fine for collecting a single type of feedback, it’s not that intuitive for collecting multiple types of feedback like bugs and feature requests.

For example, it’s a bit weird to have a button that says “Send feedback” when the user is actually reporting a bug!

With these latest new features though, you can tailor the widget and create an intuitive and user-friendly experience for your users whether they are reporting a bug, requesting a feature, or simply providing general feedback.

Turn this 👉

Into this 👍

Keep in mind that you still create a single-purpose widget if you want to. It’s just that you now have even more control over how that widget looks and feels to your users. Check out this widget configuration that has been optimized for reporting bugs as an example. Pretty cool right!

Now that we’ve introduced you to multi-purpose widgets and the different types of feedback that you can collect, let’s take a deeper look at the specific new features in your account.

Add Feedback Types To Your Widget

  • You can now add new options to your widget like “Report a bug” and “Feature request”
  • Change the titles and descriptions to suit your needs
  • Re-order the feedback types in your widget
  • Turn the screenshot and video tools on/off for each type of feedback
  • Set the destination for each type of feedback as either the screenshot tool, video tool, or feedback form

Customize Forms To Match The Feedback Type

  • Tailor the look and feel of the Feedback Form to match the different types of feedback
  • Display the new Title field so users can briefly describe their feedback and give it a name
  • Change the placeholder text in the Comment field to suit your needs
  • Create a custom Thank You Message for each type of feedback that you collect

Use Feedback Types To Manage Feedback Faster

Now when someone reports feedback, Userback will automatically store the type of feedback that they have provided. So if someone clicks “Report a bug” in your widget, Userback automatically sets the Type to “Bug” for you.

Previously you would have needed to add a Category to flag the feedback as a bug. But now the Type is automatically flagged for you, which frees up the Category field to be used for something else if you wish.

We’ve also added a new filter to the Feedback page which lets you easily focus on the different types of feedback that you’ve received. Suppose you receive hundreds of feedback every day from your users and you need a quick way to filter on just the new bugs that have been reported. Easy! Simply select “Bugs” on the new Type filter and see the latest bugs in the Open column.

We’ve even updated our integrations to make it easier for you to manage different types of feedback across the tools that you’ve connected with Userback. In the Automation setting you can now specify which type of feedback should be automatically sent to your connected integration. For example, you might decide to send bugs automatically to Jira but keep other types of feedback in Userback for your team to manage separately.

New API Options For An Integrated Experience

Finally, we’ve also updated our API so that you can create your own bug report, feature request and general feedback buttons and link them to specific feedback forms. Learn more about what you can do with our Javascript API

Explore the New Features

We hope you love these latest new features and we’re really excited for you to check them out. Simply log into your account and if you have any questions just let us know.

Not yet a Userback customer? No worries. Get started with a free account and start collecting feedback from your website and software users today!

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