Things to Never Say to a Web Developer

Managing a web development project is no easy feat. Before starting on a project, an experienced and capable Project Manager or Product Manager must be chosen for the job. Unfortunately, this is where many teams get it mixed up and eventually find themselves in a tough spot. The result? The project either goes over time, over budget, or worse, both.

But isn’t a web development project just still a project? Can’t we just pick someone who’s extremely organised to take on the task?

Here’s the thing. This chosen individual will be responsible not only for the overall success of the project but also for communicating with the web developer’s team.

Keyword: communication.

According to Lee Le, founder of user feedback tool Userback, many web development projects end up in ashes because the developers are not working with the right project manager. Lee said, “Working with an inexperienced project manager can result in miscommunication, inefficient or unclear delivery of feedback, and unrealistic or unrelated requests. What’s worse, inexperienced project managers tend to skip the use of proper project management and user feedback tools.”

Kean Graham, founder & CEO of Monetize More told CIO, "It’s important to use these tools to know where the project is, to make sure it is on pace to complete by the deadline and to identify opportunities for additional efficiency [or spot problems]."

Another reason web projects go over time is the inefficient management of feedback. Jonathan Tobin, co-founder of Userback said, “The one thing that can really destroy a web project is design-by-committee. Although it’s often great to have a group of people to brainstorm ideas, when it comes to giving feedback on a web project, it’s best to use a tool that can track the feedback systematically. That way, each feedback can be managed, prioritised and actioned on.”

Feedback and bug tracking done right.

If you’re an agency delivering web projects for clients, working in a team or collecting feedback on your site, you can really save time by managing feedback for all of your web apps in one place using a user feedback tool.

Warwick, the CEO of Meykers (A UX, UI and Product Design studio) uses Userback. He says, “Userback makes so much sense! It simply changes the way we communicate with our clients and the way our clients collect feedback from their customers.”

How many times have you been in a project meeting where unrelated requests are made?

Things to Never Say to a Web Developer

Here are some things you should never say to a web developer as it will not help with productivity.

Q:Can you fix my computer?
A: I’m a programmer. I don’t fix computers…

Q: Make it work the same in all browsers.
A: We will try our best, but things are expected to work differently in different browsers. Because they are different browsers.

Q: Everyone is using big data. Can we use big data too?
A: Not everyone has big data. We are just a website, we don’t need big data.

Q: Don’t worry about scaling. We can add more servers later.
A: Scaling isn’t about how many servers you have. It’s an infrastructure problem.

Q: Can we just add some AI to it? It should be easy right? Just like Siri?
A: AI isn’t easy. AI requires a long period of machine learning and certain AI only works in certain areas.

Can you relate?

Try it!

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