Announcing the Userback + Zapier Integration

At Userback we’re constantly working on new features and integrations to help you collect fast visual feedback from your websites and applications.

And today, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that you can now integrate Userback with 2000+ apps with our new Zapier integration!

Hang on a sec… what’s Zapier?

Think of Zapier as glue that connects Userback with thousands of other apps, with zero technical skill required!

In Zapier, you can quickly and easily create Zaps, which are automated workflows that connect your apps together.

A Zap consists of a trigger and an action. With Userback, you can trigger an action when new feedback is created.

With Zaps, you can now do so much more with Userback by connecting it to the other apps you use like Zendesk, Gmail, Google Sheets, and many more.

Why integrate with Zapier?

By integrating Userback with Zapier, you benefit in at least 5 ways:

  1. Save time by automating repetitive workflows
  2. Get more connected to your apps
  3. Free up time for productive, non-repetitive work
  4. You can do all this without having to write any code
  5. You won’t need to depend on developers

Popular pre-made Zaps

To learn more about what you can do with Userback and Zapier, take a look at the 2,000+ possible integrations here.

Connecting Userback to Zapier is easy

Simply login and head on over to the Integrations page to get started.

The Zapier integration is available to customers on our Agency and Corporate plans and simply check out this help article for more information.

Not yet a Userback customer? No worries. Get started with a free account and start collecting visual customer feedback today!

Try it!

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