Give customers a voice with video feedback

It's our mission at Userback to help you collect visual feedback from any web page or design.

Which is why we’re super-excited to announce that you can now get video feedback with Userback.

It's the perfect way to give customers a voice without ever having to leave your website.

Let me show you how it works.

Add Video Feedback to your widget

To start using Video Feedback, simply go to Widget Settings and turn it on in your widget.

Video Feedback - Widget Settings

And that's it!

Now whenever someone clicks your feedback button, they will see the option to give feedback with video screen capture.

Video Feedback

Video screen capture is an optional add-on with your account. You can enable/disable it at any time in your Account Settings.

How to give feedback with video screen capture

One of the great things about video feedback is that your clients can give highly contextual feedback without ever having to leave your website.

There's no need to install browser extensions or rely on 3rd party tools to give feedback.

Simply click “Capture Video” in the feedback widget, share your screen and start recording.

Share Screen

Managing video screen capture feedback

Video feedback is handled the same as other feedback in your account. So it works seamlessly with your existing notifications and integrations.

To watch your video feedback, simply go to the Feedback page, locate your video and click "View Feedback".

To help you save time managing video feedback, we’ve added a cool bookmark feature that lets you tag specific sections in the video just by clicking below the timeline.

Bookmarks create a shortcut to a specific section in the video where you can also add comments, send replies and resolve issues.

Video Feedback

By giving customers a voice and letting them give video feedback from your website, they can tell you exactly what they want.

Which is really powerful for your business as you spend less time interpreting feedback and more time building great designs, websites and applications.

Try video feedback today!

We hope you love Userback’s new video feedback feature.

It’s available right now in your account so go ahead and check it out.

Not yet a Userback customer? No worries. Get started with a free 14 day trial and start collecting video feedback today!

Video feedback is an optional add-on that is available to customers across all account plans. See our pricing page for more information.

Try it!

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