5 powerful ways to boost customer feedback
with video

Screen recorders have improved immensely over the years and their popularity has increased as a result.

Many platforms now have screen recorders built-in and there are even tools dedicated to screen recording straight from your browser.

Video screen capture has become so mainstream, that it's now even evolved to be a useful customer feedback tool.

The magic of screen recording is that it captures everything on your customer's screen. Users can navigate around the page and easily express their thoughts to give highly contextual feedback.

With Userback's video feedback tool, your customers can do all this without ever leaving your website!


Read on for 5 powerful ways that video screen capture can help improve the customer feedback processes in your business.

1. Simplify bug reporting

A good bug report should be clear and concise without any missing key points. Any lack of clarity leads to misunderstanding and slows down the development process. - Software Testing Help.

Anyone who has ever worked in the software industry knows that the key to fixing a bug depends on how effectively you report it. Because if a bug is not reported correctly, there is a good chance the developer will reject it as something they cannot reproduce.

But here's the challenge with that…

Clear and concise bug reporting takes time! Particularly if you're not a developer or software tester, it takes time to reproduce a bug and then document it step by step in a way that someone else will understand.

Annotated screenshots help to explain the issue, but sometimes it's not enough. How do you demonstrate in a screenshot that a button is not clickable? And what if the bug relates to multiple pages? It's time consuming having to take multiple screenshots and include them together in the bug report.

But with Userback's video screen capture, bug reporting is a breeze. It's so much easier to simply show developers what an issue is, compared to writing it down with instructions on how to replicate.

2. Faster design reviews

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you...

I don't like the color
Change the font to something else
Use more white space
The image needs to pop

Even as I write these words I can feel my blood pressure rising. Feedback without context is the worst. 👎

If you're a designer, feedback can be an extremely frustrating part of every project. It takes a lot of patience and sometimes it can feel like you're in a battle against your clients.

It just shouldn't be this hard!

The problem here is that your clients are not skilled designers. So it's hard for them to give contextual feedback and properly explain what they mean. With the right feedback tools though, you make it easier for clients to tell you exactly what they mean with video screen capture.

As a result, you spend less time interpreting customer feedback and more time acting on it to complete projects faster!

3. Software feature requests

We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve.
Bill Gates.

Most software companies have no problem getting feedback from their users. Handling feature requests is bread and butter for product managers around the world.

The real challenge though is deeply understanding the contributing factors behind a feature request so that it can be prioritized and ultimately solved. This requires a lot of time and effort to get right because believe it or not... it's not really about the feature being requested.

It's about the job that the user is trying to solve, why it's important to them, their pain points, and how they're currently solving their needs in lieu of a better solution.

Whilst a user might be happy to send a short message with their feature request, it's rare to find someone who is also willing to explain it in detail. And who can blame them? It takes time to write emails and for most people it's actually quite difficult to explain themselves properly in text.

But did you know you can talk up to 6 times faster than you type? Which makes video screen capture the perfect way to collect software feature requests. Easily let users explain their feature requests with video feedback from inside your web application.

4. Better contextual feedback

When giving feedback via video screen share, you get to inject your tone of voice and emphasize certain points. This makes it much easier to offer helpful, constructive feedback and to get your message across the first time.

With text-based communication, there's more room for interpretation and misunderstanding which leads to time-consuming back and forth over email. With Userback's video feedback tool, iterations go more quickly because you can literally highlight the changes you would like to have made while you talk – just like you'd do in-person.

It's a huge time-saver! In just two minutes, you can say what it may have taken 20 minutes to write - and with better results.

5. Streamline user acceptance testing

If you're not already familiar with it, user acceptance testing (also known as UAT) is a way to verify that a solution works for your user by giving them tasks to complete.

It's the secret weapon that product managers and UX designers use to test software with users and confirm it works properly before making it available to everyone.

Video screen capture is a powerful tool for user acceptance testing as it records exactly what the user is doing at each step in their UAT task. In fact, video screen capture is such an effective feedback method for UAT, tools like UsabilityHub and UserTesting use it as the default way to give feedback.

The great thing with those tools is that they make it easy for testers to record their screen whilst giving feedback. The downside though is that it's extremely laborious for everyone else who needs to watch the recordings. It takes huge amounts of time having to watch a video over and over until you can break it down into actionable tasks to be logged somewhere else for developers.

With Userback's video feedback tool though, you can easily add bookmarks to the video timeline as a way to create shortcuts to each issue raised during UAT. You can even add your own notes to the feedback and collaborate with the tester and your team. Best of all, you can easily send the video feedback directly to your developers by integrating Userback with tools like Jira, Teamwork, ClickUp and more.

Why Userback for video feedback?

Now that we've gone over some powerful use cases for video feedback, you might be wondering - why Userback?

And that's a great question. After all, you may already be using tools like Loom or CloudApp to record your screen.

These tools can definitely be a useful way to collect feedback internally within your team. However it's impractical to expect your customers to also have access to these tools. Nor can you expect them to install a new tool so that they can give you highly contextual feedback.

This is where Userback's video feedback comes in.

Users never leave your page

With Userback, there's no need for your customers to install a browser extension or rely on 3rd party screen capture tools. It's really easy to give video feedback directly from your website and your customer's never need to leave your site.

Ditch back and forth emails

It's great when customers care enough to email you a link to a video they've recorded in a 3rd party tool. But what happens when you need to reply with questions of your own? All too often you get caught going back and forth over email and before you know it - that 1 minute video has cost you 30 minutes of your day!

With Userback, you can easily save time and collaborate with customers directly in your video feedback viewer. You can even add comments and append them to specific times in the video.

Stay organized with bookmarks

Video screen capture is a powerful way for customers to give lots of feedback at once. But without the right tools to easily manage video feedback, you'll waste time having to watch a video over and over until you fully understand the different issues that have been raised.

That's where Userback's bookmark feature comes in. They help you efficiently manage video feedback by marking specific points in the video timeline. You can easily jump straight to any bookmark in the video and even resolve it as a way to confirm that the issue has been addressed.

Try video feedback with Userback today

Userback helps web agencies, designers and developers see their projects exactly how your customers see them. By enabling real-time customer feedback with video screen capture, you make it easier to collect valuable and insightful feedback that paves the way for improvement and learning.

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