New Features: Widget templates and other improvements to get more done with Userback

If you think Userback is just for website feedback... then think again!

Now with new Widget Templates and improved settings, it's easier than ever to collect feedback for many uses like bug tracking, feature requests, customer satisfaction, and more.

See what’s new 👀👇

Widget Templates

Widget templates make it really easy to customize the feedback widget to best suit your needs. Simply choose the template for your use case and Userback will instantly set up your widget to match how you’re going to use it. Learn more about widget templates.

  • Select from 7 new widget templates such as bug tracking, customer satisfaction, and UAT
  • Create your widget template in seconds 👊

Widget Settings

Need to further refine your widget template? No problem.

We’ve also re-designed Widget Settings to give you greater control and better access to all your options. Learn more about editing your widget.

  • Easily access widget settings from the new “Widget” menu
  • We’ve improved the UI so you can see all your options in one place
  • Preview your widget in real-time as you make changes

We’ve also added some new options that help you fine-tune the widget to perfectly suit your needs.

  • A new "bug tracking" Button Icon has been added to the icon options
  • You can now set the priority of new feedback via the Feedback Form
  • Hiding a feedback option like Video Feedback will now also hide it in the Feedback Form
  • It's now even easier to show the feedback form to users with a unique code

You can now also adjust the workflow and take reporters straight to the Feedback Form, bypassing the Feedback Selection step. Learn more about this option.

UI Improvements

We’ve also made a bunch of other small improvements to help you better manage projects in Userback.

  • Project Settings have moved and are now accessed via the new cog icon.
  • Categories are now easier to edit within your project settings
  • Switch between Projects using the new dropdown menu at the top of the page
  • Insights have been moved to the Overview page so everything can be seen together

We hope you love these latest updates as much as we do. If you have any questions at all just let us know.

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