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The Problem

"Client feedback was difficult to manage and not integrated with the project management tool."

White Label Agency is a WordPress development agency helping digital agencies deliver more and better websites to their clients. With a team of 90+ WordPress professionals that have delivered over 4000+ custom WordPress websites, they know the importance of managing client feedback.

However, with no easy solution for their clients to submit feedback and have it fully integrated with their project management tool - ClickUp, the feedback process was inefficient and slowed down the time it would take to deliver client projects.

As an agency who specializes in helping other agencies free up their time, White Label Agency knew that they had to find a way to streamline client feedback and have it integrate seamlessly with their project management tool.

There was no easy solution to have our partners submit feedback and have it fully integrated with ClickUp. There was always some feature that we had to give up in order for another to work.

Bobby King, White Label Agency - COO

The Solution

"Userback simplifies client feedback and integrates with ClickUp."

For each website project, White Label Agency now captures client feedback using Userback’s WordPress plugin option. Clients simply need to pull up the website and start giving their feedback and comments directly from the website.

And because Userback integrates directly with ClickUp, those feedback and comments appear directly on the project ClickUp board where all stakeholders have visibility into the progress. It’s an extremely efficient way to manage client feedback, which helps White Label Agency deliver more and better websites for their clients.

We truly appreciate how easy it is to use Userback. We were able to quickly implement it into our existing project workflow without having to change systems or greatly modify our processes. And their support is fantastic!

Bobby King, White Label Agency - COO

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