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With Userback’s visual feedback solution, you can easily understand feedback, quickly identify issues, and fix bugs faster - all in the same place.

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Build better with contextual feedback

Supercharge your processes with contextual visual feedback. Easily annotate any website with our user-friendly feedback tools. You can draw on the screen, add comments, highlight text, and submit high-quality feedback with annotated screenshots.

  • Browser Information
  • Device Type
  • Custom Metadata
  • Attachments
  • Console Logs
  • Multiple Screenshots

Enhance your team collaboration

Feedback tools should help your workflow - not hinder it. Userback is designed to fit effortlessly into your existing processes. Get real-time notifications of new feedback, easily reply with your own comments, assign tasks, and set priorities. Userback makes it easy to collaborate with your team.

  • User Permissions
  • Invite Clients
  • Share Feedback
  • Public Comments
  • Custom Workflows
  • Integrate with Slack, Jira...

Stay organized with one solution

Feedback through emails and spreadsheets is a nightmare. With Userback, you can manage feedback for all your products and projects in one place. Invite team members and clients to Userback and work together to improve your websites and resolve issues faster.
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Contextual feedback

Collect visual feedback on any website with our user-friendly annotation tool. Easily draw on the screen, add comments, highlight text and submit high quality feedback with annotated screenshots.

Team collaboration

Userback fits effortlessly into your workflow. Instantly get notified of new feedback, reply with your own comments, assign tasks, set priorities, and easily collaborate with your team.


Stay organized

Forget emails and spreadsheets! Save time by managing feedback for all your website projects in one place Userback. Invite your entire team and even your clients to Userback and work together to improve your website designs and resolve issues faster.

Why make Userback your visual feedback tool?

Unlimited feedback

Whether you are communicating with your design team or a large audience, Userback has the perfect plan for you with unlimited feedback and reporters.

Works on any website

Userback works on all types of websites and web applications. It’s perfect for website design feedback, product development, bug reporting, UAT, and more.

Custom solutions

Build and customize your own feedback widget to suit your needs. Userback offers a fast setup with fully-customizable widget templates with our JavaScript API.

Userback is one of those tools that make your life as a web designer or developer so much easier. And you ask yourself how you used to get customer feedback on websites in the good old days.

Ryan Soper-Powell Stefan Glumpler, Owner - ShabuShabu

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