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Userback is integrated with the most popular bug tracking and project management tools to ensure all feedback that requires action can be managed with your existing processes. See a product missing? Leave us some feedback and we'll see what we can do.

Integrations - Slack

Connect Userback to Slack to receive instant notifications with screenshots and meta-data when users and customers submit feedback and bug reports on your web projects.

Notifications can be turned on when new feedback is created, assigned to a user, new comments are added to feedback or when feedback is closed.

If you're already using Slack to manage tasks or to stay updated, sign up and connect Userback today.

Integrations - HipChat

HipChat is team chat that's built for business and is used by companies around the world to stay up-to-date with communication and services they already use like JIRA.

It makes sense if you're team is using HipChat to collaborate, add Userback to your web project to begin sending notifications to your HipChat room. You'll have full control over which notifications are sent.

Invite your team to into the HipChat room to discuss further on the feedback you receive to streamline your task management processes.

Integrations - JIRA

There is no doubt about it, JIRA is a seriously cool software development tool for Agile teams. Teams use JIRA to plan, track, QA, release and bug-track software for their web projects.

Streamline your UAT, QA and bug tracking with visual feedback from Userback by creating JIRA tasks whenever your team submit feedback using the Userback browser extension or widget.

Userback works seamlessly on live sites and also development hosts ensuring your team never have to take a screenshot, annotate in "paint", save and upload to JIRA again.

Integrations - Trello

Who doesn't love a free project management tool? Trello makes managing project easy by being incredibly easy to use. Setup teams, boards and lists for your projects.

We've made integrating with Trello incredibly easy and the possibilities are endless. Setup lists for Website feedback, bugs, QA, UAT and Inspirational Ideas. Userback is flexible, visual and instant.

Sign up and Integrate your Userback account with Trello today and start receiving instant updates on your Trello boards when your team submits feedback.

Integrations - Basecamp

Basecamp organizes your communication, projects, and client work together so you have a central source of truth.

We've made integrating with Basecamp (Basecamp2 & Basecamp3) incredibly easy and the possibilities are endless. Set up lists for Website feedback, bugs, QA, UAT and Inspirational Ideas. Userback is flexible, visual and instant.

Sign up and Integrate your Userback account with Basecamp today and start receiving instant updates in your Basecamp to-do lists when your team submits feedback.

Integrations - Webhook

Integrate Userback with just about anything!

Userback supports Webhooks. Every time a visitor gives feedback, we can POST all the data of the feedback item in JSON format to a URL you specify.

2    "id": 78303,
3    "url": "",
4    "page": "",
5    "email": "",
6    "rating": 5
7    "description": "Your product is great!",
8    "screenshot": "",
9    "attachment": ""
10    "comments":  [
11        {
12            "comment": "The font here is too big",
13            "attachment": ""
14        },
15        {
16            "comment": "There is a typo here",
17            "attachment": ""
18        }
19    ]
Integrations - WordPress

Over 50% of online websites are already using WordPress as their CMS which means there's a good chance either you, or your clients are using it to manage a website.

Userback is integrated into WordPress seamlessly and allows you to automatically display the Userback feedback widget on all pages in your WordPress site. If you're still drafting content and need your team to QA, you can simply select to only display Userback on draft pages only.

Take the Userback and WordPress integration further by integrating Userback into any of the abovementioned tools to streamline your feedback process.

Integrations - Email Marketing

There is a huge myth surrounding email marketing and that is "Email marketing is easy". Well… it is however, if you're sending regular emails to your customers, you'll know what we're talking about when we say "send anxiety is real".

There are many things you can do to reduce send anxiety including proper testing and QA of your email design and content. Userback and email marketing go hand in hand for collecting, sharing and collaborating on feedback for your email design, any rendering issues and content suggestions.

Curb send anxiety today by integrating Userback into your email marketing QA process and ensure your email renders perfectly and has great content. Userback will change your marketing team's life forever.

Userback works with your favorite email platform including Mailchimp, Vision6 and Campaign Monitor.

Join developers, agencies and businesses around the world already using Userback to collect and manage user feedback

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