Capture and collect feedback in-app
In App Feedback

Capture and collect feedback in-app

Tired of sifting through emails, recalling phone conversations, or sorting notes and scribbles? Get feedback from your users without them leaving your app.

Collect bug reports, feature requests, and general feedback, together.

Drop in the widget and go, or customize for your exact requirements.

Customize the branding, content, and placement
Select multiple feedback types
Set the widget target and advanced tracking options

“Userback has helped streamline our teams QA processes. We work with lots of clients and have many cross team projects so it’s been a breath of fresh air having all QA in the one place. Particularly love how easy it is checking once feedback has been completed.”

Simple for users,

powerful for teams.

Speed up your development lifecycle and product decisions with fast, simple, and robust tooling.


Integrate the widget with our JavaScript API, or use the Browser Extension.

Better context. Session, device, browser, and location data with every submission.