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Userback allows your customers to give their feedback directly from your website with annotated video and screenshots.

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Increase clarity with video

Giving and responding to feedback with emails and phone calls doesn’t work. Give customers the power to tell you exactly what they want with video screen capture.


Userback - Collect Feedback

Enhance feedback with comments

With Userback, customers can quickly write text and draw directly on your website with our innovative annotation tool. Plus, it works perfectly on any size screen!

Video feedback is awesome! It makes it even easier for folks to communicate in their own
words what they want to change.

Ryan Soper-Powell Ryan Soper-Powell, Customer Success Executive - Zendesk

Modern companies need a visual website feedback tool

To stay competitive, you need to enhance your process with tools that help - not hurt. With Userback, your customers can easily provide feedback with video and annotated screenshots without ever leaving your website. The result? Faster design and development.

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