4 Essential Bug Tracking and Testing Tools
for Developers

Testing and bug tracking are fundamental to development projects and should happen frequently throughout each stage of the development process.

To properly test and track, you need software that makes the feedback process fast and easy. However, not all software applications live up to their advertised promises. If you want a fast, smooth, and accurate bug tracking and testing process, you need the following types of software applications.

1. Task management software that supports task grouping

You probably have task management software already. That’s great, but does your task management program support grouping your tasks or hiding tasks that aren’t pressing for the day? And how about setting reminders and flagging tasks as high priority to ensure they get done on time?

Technically, you should have separate bug tracking software, but you’ll need to break that process down into multiple tasks and maybe even sub-tasks. That’s where things can get messy in your task management application.

Tasks related to fixing bugs are more likely to be ongoing with a future due date that changes as you progress. This means you’ll always see those tasks in your daily to-do list and that can feel overwhelming.

Working on your daily tasks can be stressful when you can’t categorize or tag tasks in a meaningful way. You’ll see every task at once and that creates pressure.

If you’re going to manage your debugging tasks, your software needs several capabilities:

  • The ability to hide tasks or at least separate them from your normal daily tasks.
  • The ability to group tasks together to organize your workspace.
  • The ability to track progress, set due dates and reminders.

If you haven’t found a task management platform that supports these needs, check out Teamwork. Teamwork allows you to create highly detailed tasks, with all the features you need to manage your workload, track your progress, and optimize your workflows.

Teamwork is also one of the integrations provided by Userback. Sign up to Teamwork with code USERBACK10 and get 10% off your first 6 months.

2. Screenshot testing software for multiple browsers

Being able to see how a development project looks in different browsers is critical. Whether you’re launching a website or a software application, browsers will display your project differently. Slight differences may not be a problem, but when a user reports a major problem on a specific device, you’ll want to see exactly what they see.

One of the best tools for seeing your projects virtually on multiple browsers is BrowserStack. With this tool you can see what your project looks like on more than 2,000 browsers and devices. You can choose to view your project on any number of devices or browsers, including older versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Opera.

3. Userback for collecting specific feedback

You need to generate specific, actionable feedback throughout the development process. It’s not enough to ask clients or end users to email you their thoughts if they run into problems. If you go that route, you’ll end up with an abundance of emails that might feel more like nit picking than usable feedback.

One of the biggest frustrations developers face is getting unspecific comments from users. Expert game developers constantly lament over comments like, “your game is broken—please fix it.” Software developers experience the same frustration. However, when you don’t give people an opportunity to provide specific feedback, you can expect random emails with generalized demands to fix unspecified problems.

If you’re going to collect feedback productively, you need a way to provide immediate feedback as they experience the problem. Otherwise, random, unspecific feedback is all you’ll ever get.

Userback solves this problem by making it effortless for clients and customers to send you detailed, specific feedback regarding bugs as they occur. All they have to do is click a button on the side of your page and give feedback by typing into a text box, recording a video of a bug, or taking a screenshot with annotations directly from the webpage.


4. Userback for visual bug reporting software

You’re probably already using bug tracking software to identify bugs and find repetitive issues. Hopefully, your bug tracking software prioritizes issues so you can focus on the high priority issues first. All this is absolutely necessary, but it’s not enough if your goal is to fix bugs fast.

Bug testing and reporting are critical, but traditional bug reports are challenging and time-consuming to decipher. To fix a bug, you need to replicate that bug, and text summaries make that difficult.

Most people don’t have the patience or technical knowledge to describe a bug in full detail, which means you may not be able to easily replicate that bug when reported. You might need to do some guesswork, set up specific parameters, and run your program over a period of days or weeks in an attempt to replicate a bug.

When you can’t replicate a bug, you can’t solve the problem. When you can’t replicate a bug quickly, you’ll be slow to solve the problem, which will only upset your end users and your clients. Userback solves this major issue and makes bug reporting and resolution fast.

With a simple screen recording, Userback collects bug reports in a visual format. For example, a client or customer can record a bug in action using the video screen capture feature. It’s hard to replicate a bug based on text-only summaries. When you can see a video of what the user did to initiate the bug, you’ll know exactly how to replicate it, and you’ll be one step closer to a solution.

Client Recording

With Userback’s video screen recording option, you’ll fix bugs faster and your clients and end users will be happy.

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