Our Customer Feedback Tools: How These 6 Tools Help Us Be Customer Centric

As a business that is all about visual customer feedback, we set out to build a feedback tool stack that allows us to stay agile and respond to feedback fast.

After trying many feedback tools, we settled on a handful of valuable tools that keep our team on the top of their game.

Here are the six customer feedback tools that we use:

We’ll break down what each tool does, how we use it for customer feedback, and provide some alternative solutions that might work better for companies in different stages.

The 6 customer feedback tools we use every day

Right from the beginning, we set out to build Userback as a customer-centric business.

After all, Userback is a customer feedback tool that collects visual feedback from websites and images. So if we’re not able to show the value of using feedback to build better websites and web applications, then how can we expect our customers to?

In the early days, our team started out by using whatever software was on hand. We manually toiled with Google tools to organize information and had an unhealthy reliance on email to get the job done.

Our greatest fear was that we’d miss out on important customer feedback and that our customers would be waiting on the sidelines while we spent far too much time on administrative tasks. We needed a solution before this became a problem.

These six customer feedback tools allowed us to get better quality feedback, respond to customers faster, track progress and build a better website and web application.

1. Userback for visual customer feedback

Well, obviously we use Userback for visual customer feedback. Our feedback widget lets us collect visual feedback from any web page or image.

Userback is central to how we collect customer feedback on all our digital assets.

Website Feedback

It takes just seconds to add the Userback feedback widget to a website and it’s a really easy way for anyone to give feedback with screenshots and annotations. We find on our website that it’s also an excellent way for people to ask us questions and request new features.

In addition to customer feedback, we’re also able to gather insights into our customer’s behaviour by looking at when they interact with our feedback widget along with their browser information.

Web Application Feedback

The feedback widget is also integral to how we collect customer feedback in our web application. With the Userback API, we’re able to trigger the feedback widget in our “Help” menu, making it the perfect tool for bug tracking, feature requests and general feedback.

We also use it internally on our development servers so that our team can give feedback on new features and suggest UI improvements before they are released to customers.

When new feedback is received, we can easily collaborate using comments and assign it to specific team members for further action.

A huge benefit of using Userback for customer feedback is that the feedback is visual. It’s easy for customers to give feedback with screenshots and annotations. Each time new feedback is received, our team is quickly able to interpret the feedback and determine the best way to handle it.

No need to read lengthy emails and go back and forth with customers trying to decode their feedback. Just high-quality visual feedback - fast!

Price: Plans range from $19 - $69 per month
Alternatives: Bugherd ($39 - $619 per month)

Note: 20,000+ companies use Userback to collect visual feedback on their websites and applications. All without breaking the bank. Start your free 14-day trial today!

2. Slack for internal messaging

We rely heavily on Slack’s messaging tool to help keep each other up to date. Especially because Userback is remotely operated and has customers on different time-zones all around the world.

To help us stay organized, we use multiple channels in Slack and it’s our primary tool for communicating with each other. So we can respond as fast as possible to customer feedback, we also use our Slack integration to immediately notify us of new customer feedback.

The Slack notification contains everything we need to know so that we can respond fast to the customer. Importantly there is also a direct link to view the entire feedback in Userback.

We also have our Slack integration setup to send notifications when the feedback status has changed and when new comments are updated. This helps us to efficiently manage customer feedback and ensure that nothing ever gets missed.

Price: Plans range from $0 - $15 per user per month
Alternatives: Microsoft Teams ($0 - $29 per user per month)

3. Zendesk for customer support

We use Zendesk for our knowledge base and customer support and even though it’s primary function is support, it’s still an important customer feedback tool for our business.

With Zendesk as our knowledge base tool, our customers have an easy way to submit support tickets and reach out to us as required. As a customer-centric business, we reply to support tickets as fast as possible and learn as much as we can about the customer’s pain point so we can improve our product.

To help our support team provide the best experience for customers, we also automatically send Userback feedback into Zendesk. This way our support team has everything they need in the one tool when replying to customer support and customer feedback at the same time

Price: Plans range from $5 - $199 per agent per month
Alternatives: Groove ($9 - $29 per user per month)

4. Jira for managing tasks and bug tracking

It’s all good and well to be collecting customer feedback. But you also need to act on it! That’s why we use Jira for managing our tasks and projects.

Jira is a very popular task management tool, especially with software companies. It’s how we stay organized with our projects and ensure that we remain agile with our software development.

The Userback and Jira integration is also a handy way to manage bug tracking and other issues that need to be referred to developers.

As I mentioned earlier, we use the Userback feedback widget on both our website and application. So if a customer reports a bug via the widget, we can easily send it directly to Jira for our developers to pick up.

The Jira task automatically includes everything our developers need to investigate and resolve the issue, including the screenshots, comments and metadata.

It’s a similar process for when customers make feature requests via the Userback widget. We simply send the feedback over to Jira where it is added to our product roadmap.

Price: Plans range from $0 - $14 per user per month
Alternatives: Teamwork ($0 - $15 per user per month). Userback customers get 10% off your first 6 months at Teamwork with code: USERBACK10

5. Calendly for scheduling demos

What’s one of the best customer feedback sources? That’s right - actually talking to them!

We use Calendly to allow customers to easily put time in our calendars for a chat. Take a look at my Calendly page for example.

Calendly removes all the usual back-and-forth associated with scheduling meetings. Plus, you can set up confirmations and reminders to include meeting links, reference docs, or phone numbers.

As a Product Manager, I love talking to customers and it’s proven time and again to be a valuable source of customer feedback. In fact, if ever you’d like to talk about Userback and customer feedback, feel free to use this link and schedule some time with me.

Price: Plans range from $0 - $12 per user per month
Alternatives: Book Like A Boss ($9 - $29 per user per month)

6. Vision6 for customer surveys

When it comes to getting feedback from a large number of customers, you can't beat a well crafted online survey.

We use Vision6 for our email marketing and it also happens to be a cost-effective tool for online surveys. Using Vision6 we are able to create a simple online survey and then email it to our customers.

One of the most important customer surveys that we run is for our expired trial accounts. Using Vision6’s advanced automation features, we automatically send this survey to customers at the end of their trial period and it’s a valuable source of customer feedback.

Whenever a customer completes one of our surveys, Vision6 sends us an email notification with all the information so we can quickly respond to our customer if we need to. Plus all the survey responses can easily be downloaded in CSV format for further analysis.

Price: Plans range from $9 - $99 per month
Alternatives: Mailchimp ($0 - $299 per month depending on contacts and features)

Bonus: Milanote for staying organized

I'll let you in on a little secret. It pains me to admit this - but I am absolutely rubbish at juggling. And I don’t mean juggling balls in the air (although this is also true). I mean juggling multiple tasks at the same time. I just don’t seem to have the mental capability for it.

That's why I know that when it comes to managing customers and their feedback, it’s important to have the right tools that not only keep me organized, but also keep our entire team on the same page.

And that's where Milanote comes in.

Milanote is a tool that we recently added to our tech stack and so far it’s been great. It’s one of those tools that is extremely easy to pick up and start using with minimum effort. It’s proven to be a great way for our team to plan the launch of our video feedback feature and to organize our ideas in a visual board.

Price: Plans range from $0 - $12.50 per month

Tips for selecting the best customer feedback tools

We’ve spent years adjusting our tech stack to meet the needs of our growing business and it will continue to change over time.

When choosing the right customer feedback tools for your own needs, use these three principles to guide you.

Simplicity: Software should be easy to understand and adapt to your needs with minimal effort.

Cost-effective: Customer feedback tools come in all shapes and sizes. So compare the purchase price against the amount of money you will save by managing customer feedback more effectively.

Speed: If a customer feedback tool takes too long to set up or doesn’t easily integrate into your workflow, move on to the next option.

Having the right customer feedback tools is the secret to successfully growing your business. Stay lean by bringing on tried-and-tested software that helps you get better quality feedback, respond to customers faster, track progress and build better digital experiences for your customers.

Note: Ready to test drive new customer feedback tools? Start your free 14-day trial of Userback today!

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